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Hajime Hiro
Council Street West, Llandudno, LL30 1ED

07909 357 357

Club Facilities

Training facilities

Llandudno Karate Association is based out of 'Hajime Hiro', Wales' largest martial arts centre, incorporating 2 WKF Karate areas and a private gym space.


Hajime Hiro

Hajime : Beginning     Hiro : Prosper 

Llandudno Karate Association having taught traditional Shito-Ryu Karate in North Wales since 1995 moved to their new Dojo, Hajime Hiro in 2015.  Hajime Hiro boasts Wales' single largest martial arts training area, and a private gym facility overlooking the action.


small class sizes

Llandudno Karate Association realise that expert tuition comes not only from the instructor, but from session sizes.  Within our smaller group sessions our students get to;

  • Know each other better.
  • Receive tailored tuition towards their needs.
  • Less disruption.
  • More time for instruction.
  • More time to train.

Private Gym Facility

Llandudno Karate Association compete at a national and international level.  

For our elite athletes to succeed we decided a gym facility was required.  Our gym incorporates high end cardio vascular and resistance machines, with a big ethos behind functional training.

We also offer individual membership to the gym, which is open 9am - 9pm 7 days a week.  This membership is restricted to only 30 members, at a cost of ONLY £25 per month, allowing access to facilities at Deganwy Quay also for only £5 per use. 

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Hajime Hiro is the perfect place to base your Martial Art, Yogo or Fitness club from.  Currently we have not only Llandudno Karate Association running sessions, but boxing, Pilates and boot camps by Move Burn Fitness.  If you wish to discuss the option of renting for a one time function, or a weekly slot, email .